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Computer Vision Applications Using Image Processing

Posted by: ALTEN Global Digital Technology Team | Oct, 2022

An interdisciplinary scientific topic called computer vision deals with how advanced knowledge may be extracted by computers from digital images or videos. From an engineering standpoint, it aims to understand and automate operations that the human visual system is capable of performing..... Read More


Posted by: ALTEN Global Digital Technology Team | 19 Mar, 2021

In this digital day and age, it has become obligatory to have all the available information in a digital form recognized by machines. In a country like India, where there is abundance of information in the form of manuscripts, ancient textbooks etc that are traditionally available in printed/handwritten form, such material is inadequate when it comes to searching information among thousands of pages. .... Read More

Home Automation

Posted by: Sunayna Jain SN | 12 April, 2021

Home Automation is automating the electorinc devices at home like light, fan, AC, door, security cameras, etc with the usage of Internet...... Read More

Introduction to Chatbots

Posted by: ALTEN Global Digital Technology Team | 07 June, 2021

In the era of digital transformation where data is treated as currency, the human involvement in the industry has been gradually replaced by machines. From conventional machines which are physical in nature, the technology has moved fast forward where machines are no longer restricted to a physical entity, they are in an evolved form in virtual space........ Read More

Image Enhancement Techniques

Posted by: Kiran Jeedi | 04 April, 2022

Image enhancement can be considered as one of the fundamental processes in image analysis. The goal of contrast enhancement is to improve the quality of an image to become more suitable for a particular application. Till today, numerous image enhancement methods have been proposed for various applications and efforts have been directed to further increase the quality of the enhancement results and minimize the computational complexity and memory usage. This paper presents an exhaustive review of image enhancement methods and suggests a direction for future developments of image enhancement methods......... Read More