Software Engineering

Software Engineering Services

Full and Partial Life Cycle Services

With more than 30 years of history in software Development, ALTEN Global has a highly competent work force in both the System and Application Software Domains. More than 6000 person years of cumulative experience has been gained through many successfully completed prestigious projects. Accord’s range of Engineering Services includes Requirements Management, High-level Design, Low-level Design, Software Integration, Independent Verification and Validation, Certification as well as Sustaining Engineering to cover the entire life cycle of Automotive Software. ALTEN Global has extensive experience of participation in Full and Partial Life cycle Projects, over a wide variety of Platforms.

Engineering activities in all life cycle phases are strictly per the Quality Standards laid down for the process. The net result is a highly streamlined project execution reducing Development and Maintenance Costs. Our Software Engineering experience is described below.


ALTEN Global services in communication stacks:

ALTEN Global offer services in development and integration of the following protocol stacks:

  1. CAN drivers
  2. ISO 15765, ISO 14229(UDS) and CanOpen stacks
  3. Design and develop proprietary communication protocols according to customer requirements
  4. Design and development of UDS based boot loader software.
  5. Integrate communication stacks into Application

ALTEN Global Services in Automotive Embedded Security

ALTEN Global has good expertise in Embedded Systems Security having developed both Hardware and Software Security features in the Automotive Body Control Module, Telematic System and Vehicle Tracking Systems. ALTEN Global provides services in design and development of Automotive Systems with all latest security features.

  1. Secure Boot
  2. Secure key storage (SHE)
  3. Secure communication
  4. Develop software to secure coding standards (CERT)
  5. Secure communication using Encryption and Decryption
  6. Secure digital signatures

ALTEN Global Services in Bootloaders development

ALTEN Global has designed Processor-independent UDS (ISO 14229) based boot-loader software, which can be easily integrated on any target processor.

The UDS Boot loader can be configured with communication CAN IDs, default data blocks size and timeout parameters. Only the MCU, CAN and Flash driver need an update for a new processor.

ALTEN Global provides services in design and development of complete Host and Target boot loader Software complying with International Standards and Customer Proprietary Standards.