Model Based Software Design and Development

Model-Based Software Development (MBD)is an embedded software initiative where a two-sided model is used toverify control requirements and that the code runs on target electronic hardware.

One side is the Control Model, representing the embedded software of the system. The architecture of the embedded software is modeled with blocks containing algorithms, functions and logic components.

Compiled software is auto-generated from this model.

The other side is the Plant Model, representing the physical aspects of the system. Each block contains mathematics that allows it to emulate the behaviour of that physical item.

Stages of Model based Development

The benefits of MBD are:

  • Shorter Lead Time Development,
  • Detecting the Error at early stage,
  • Development Cost Savings,
  • Increased Traceability,
  • Modelling and Coding Standards,
  • Validation and Testing.

ALTEN Global experience in MBD is depicted below: