Hardware Engineering

Hardware Engineering Services

The art of reliable hardware design for Aerospace, Automotive and Digital Platforms products has been imbibed by ALTEN Global over 31 years of service.

The ALTEN Global Hardware Engineering Teams understand the overall Safety and Reliability Requirements and how they flow down to Hardware designs. Several hardware designs flying in thousands for aircraft platforms over the last two decades, stand testimony to ALTEN Global’s Hardware engineering capabilities. ALTEN Global offers a one-stop shop for Build-to-Spec (including manufacturing) products.

Be it a Cost Sensitive Consumer Electronics Market or a Rugged Reliable Space Qualified Product, ALTEN Global has the domain expertise and proven track record for developing and commissioning embedded systems & solutions for over 25 years.

ALTEN Global specializes in custom solutions specific to customers’ needs considering all stated and implied requirements. Our strength has been in providing solutions in High Speed Digital design, AC/DC power supplies, RF and Microwave Engineering, Automated Test equipment and Solutions on FPGAs.

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ALTEN Global is adept in understanding various HW Standards and designing/developing Hardware that comply to these standards.

With a rich heritage in Research and Development in Global Navigation Satellite Systems, ALTEN Global is one the pioneers in this area. The multitude of challenges of achieving the smallest possible form factor have been overcome and ALTEN Global is proud to be the creator of one of the smallest footprint GNSS solutions in the Industry.

Our contribution to HW Engineering Services includes the efforts of more than 200 engineers, accumulating a collective experience of about 2000 person years. Our teams have displayed very low attrition rates paving the way for high retention of knowledge and learnings.



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