Hardware Engineering

Hardware Engineering Services

ALTEN Global has been in the Hardware Engineering Services domain over the past 30 years and has imbibed the art of Reliable Hardware Design for Aerospace products. The ALTEN Global Hardware Engineering teams understand the overall safety and reliability concerns and how it flows down to hardware designs. Several hardware designs flying in thousands on different aircraft platforms over the last two decades, stand testimony to ALTEN Global’s Hardware Engineering capabilities. ALTEN Global is a one stop shop for build to spec (including Production Support) Aerospace products that are certified by FAA/EASA and CEMILAC.

With over 100 skilled Hardware Engineers, ALTEN Global has the capability to provide Hardware Engineering Services for Complex Systems. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


Quick Prototyping

When it comes to proofs of concept, Our teams are well equipped to turn around quick prototypes for evaluation.

Complete Proof of Concept is obtained with Rapid Proto Build Generation, Verification and Environmental Qualification

Our Hardware Engineers are skilled in
  • EMI/EMC, ESD, Lightning Protection compliance
  • Open/Short Circuit Protection
  • Thermal and Signal Integrity Analysis
  • DFT/DFM analysis, MTBF compliant

A quick Simulation of the system can be provided using MATLAB/Simulink as a proof of concept. ALTEN Global has expertise in the MATLAB/Simulink area.

Hardware Design Engineering

With a large pool of experienced Hardware engineers, ALTEN Global can support complete Avionics product development complying to DO-254, ABD100, DO-160, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-704D and MIL-STD-461 standards.

There are multiple models in which ALTEN Global can work. ALTEN Global can support complete Hardware development offshore at ALTEN Global or can deploy Engineering Resources at the Customer facility.

ALTEN Global has years of impeccable expertise in the generation of Hardware Specification, Conceptual Design, Detailed Design, Schematic Design, FPGA Design, HDL Implementation, Board Design, Design Analysis, Thermal Analysis, SI Analysis, Reliability and DFM & DFT analyses, Hardware Verification and Environmental Certification

Supplementary expertise in generation of Board Support Packages and Hardware - Software Integration is also available at ALTEN Global.

ALTEN Global turns in more than 80 new Hardware Designs each year, this is testimony to our Hardware Engineering Expertise.

ALTEN Global has experience in 10 GHz RF, 1.5 GHz CPU, 24 Layers, MIL, RADHARD, BGA, blind and burry vias and Flex PCB

Our Hardware designs can be in compliance to IPC 7351A, IPC 2221-8, IPC 2221-6


DO-160G Environmental Qualification

ALTEN Global offers services in Environmental Qualification for Civil and Military Aerospace products both in the domestic and International Markets.

ALTEN Global maintains a Close Association with the different Certified Environmental lab Facilities in and around Bangalore and in the USA.

ALTEN Global can support complete qualification activities for Avionics Products per DO-160G, MIL-STD-461E and MIL-STD-810G standards

With extensive experience in Designing Airworthy products certified by CEMILAC/FAA/EASA, ALTEN Global engineers have an unique advantage of being aware of the expectations from different Certification Agencies.


Mechanical CAD Engineering Services

ALTEN Global offers services in Mechanical Design and Fabrication of Housings for Electronic Hardware used in Avionics and Automotive applications.

Many of Our products are developed and qualified as per MIL-STD-810F, MIL-STD-461E and DO-160G. Our team of skilled Mechanical Engineers is well versed in SolidWorks and AutoCAD tools.

ALTEN Global offers quality solutions in following areas:
  • Design of Housing for Avionics and Automotive equipment
  • Design of Racks, ATRs, Jigs & Fixtures, Heat sink, RF shield for Electronic Equipment
  • Sheet Metal Design, Milled Box and Extrusion type design as per application requirement
  • Plastics Design for commercial applications
  • Support for 3D printing for quick prototype build
  • Conversion of legacy paper design to CAD format

Electronic CAD Engineering Services

ALTEN Global offers CAD services for the design of electronic hardware items. ALTEN Global has a highly skilled CAD team to cater to in-house designs and external design services. The ECAD Teams have expertise in designing high-speed multilayer boards, mixed signal boards and RF boards.

ALTEN Global is well versed with IPC 2222 guidelines, DFM and DFT requirements.

ALTEN Global has good Experience in using industry popular CAD tools such as Orcad, Concept HDL, Cadence Allegro, Altium and Mentor Graphics

ALTEN Global offers the following services in this area:
  • Schematics design and netlist generation
  • Library creation
  • Multilayer Board design
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Signal Integrity Analysis
  • DFT/DFM Analysis
  • Conversion of legacy paper design to electronic form

System Safety & Reliability Analysis

ALTEN Global has Proven expertise in performing safety analysis for various Aerospace Line replaceable units using specially developed in-house tools to compute the MTBF per MIL-217F-HDBK or 217-Plus standards.

ALTEN Global is well versed in performing Preliminary System Safety Assessment (PSSA), System Safety Assessment (SSA) which includes FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis), FTA (Fault Tree Analysis) and FHA (Fault Hazard Analysis).

ALTEN Global offers services in System Safety Assessment in ALTEN Globalance with SAE ARP4761A guidelines.


Hardware Tools

ALTEN Global Engineering is well versed in the using the lab equipmenttools listed below:

  • Spectrum Analyzers
  • Signal Generators
  • Logic Analyzer
  • Vector Signal Analyzer
  • Arbitrary waveform Generators
  • Digital Oscilloscopes
  • Multifunction Counters
  • Agilent multi-channel data logger (22 channel, Voltage, Current, Temp)
  • Orcad, Cadstar Viewer, Alegro, Pspice
  • CADENCE Concept HDL Ver. 16.01
  • Matlab / MathCAD Ver. 7.1
  • Temperature & Humidity Chamber
  • GPS-WAAS Signal Simulators
  • Interference generator (CW, Wideband, Pulsed)
  • Programmable Power supply and test benches
  • NI-CDAQ system and Labview Tools

Development Tools

Over the lifetime of a project, several Development Suites and tools are used. The following are some of the tools and Suites that ALTEN Global has a good mixture of skills in:

  • VDSP Development Tools
  • ARM Development Tools
  • Greenhills Development Tools
  • PowerPC Development Tools
  • Cosmic Development Tools
  • Code Composer Studio
  • Code Warrior Suite
  • Windows Visio

FPGA Tools

ALTEN Global’s experience in FPGA tools is not limited to, but includes the list shown below of some of the standard tools used in the industry:

  • XST, Synplify, SynplifyPro, PrecisionSynthesis
  • Xilinx ISE 9.1.3
  • Acterl’s Libero 6.0
  • Altera’s MAXPlusII
  • ModelSim SE and PE 6.2a
  • Actel’s Libero 6.0
  • Altera’s MAXPlusII
  • TransEDA VN-Cover
  • ChipScope Pro 9.1.02

ALTEN Global Tools - Save on Licensing Cost

SW Life Cycle Tools

ReMa - Requirements Manager
  • Our Proprietary Requirement Management Tool with built-in Version Control
  • Generate Bidirectional Traceability
  • Conduct and Record Online Reviews of Documents
  • Export/Import to/from MS Word
  • Approved for use and Accepted in Aerospace Projects
SmartTester - Dynamic Analyser of C Code
  • Conduct Low Level/Intergration Testing of C Source code
  • Automated Pass/Fail Result Generation
  • Built-in Coverage Analyser
  • Suitable for all DALs - A through E
  • Tool Qualified per DO-178C
CodeTrax - Static C Code Analyser
  • Verify compliance to Our Coding Standards
  • Determine Code Complexity
  • Generate Data Dictionary
  • Generate Control Coupling Information

Enterprise Tools

Project Planner
  • Plan and Excute your project with ease!
  • Gantt and PERT Chart generation
  • Reminders and Notifications by email
  • Accesses Global employee database via LDAP
Smart Tracker
  • Our Defect Tracking Tool
  • Configurable for use in various processes - defect tracking, ticket tracking, HR, Admin, Quality
  • Notifications by email

SW Building Blocks

  • Developed for Avionics Applications
  • Implements the complete ARINC 653 Part 1 Basic Services and supports space and time partitioning concepts
  • Certified in DO-78B Life Cycle Process Avioinics Application
ARINC 615 Data Loader
  • This software library implements the data loading protocol described by ARINC 615A standards.
  • Implements the TFTP protocol with a lower level UDP-IP stack
Implements the TFTP protocol with a lower level UDP-IP stack
  • implements the APIs required for rendering 2D and 3D graphics for Safety Critical profile.